Hello! Thanks for seeking out more information! I am a Truckee local, who loves our town. I’ve done the Tahoe thing, and worked numerous jobs locally over the last 20 years, from ski rentals, to restaurants, substitute teaching, and currently driving a school bus. The town desperately needs folks to help out and I’ve been stepping up for years. I have a master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and spent seven years in Construction Management. This experience helped me to secure an appointment to the town Planning Commission four years ago. As much as I love the engineering field, teaching, and skiing, I’m finding my true passion is in trying to solve our challenges through crafting thoughtful policy. We have many challenges facing us, as a community, and nation. There won’t always be easy answers, but lets recognize when there are, and work together on the harder steps to make sure we can all thrive together.

About Suzie