Becoming Official

Unfortunately the Candidate Night scheduled for last Monday was another casualty of COVID. In any case we had been working on our Candidate Statement for the Voter Information guide. This is one of the biggest expenses of a local campaign, and in our district it costs around $830 to print your statement in English and Spanish! Here’s our statement:

Urgency is in the air, whether it is wildfires, an erratic snowpack, or a crippling shortage of workforce housing, our world is changing rapidly. Though we are a small community, we have the power to engineer our daily life for a more resilient and sustainable future. As a member of the Truckee Planning Commission for the last four years, I have been driving town policy toward sustainability measures while striving to improve our community character. I picture shady, tree-lined sidewalks with chatting neighbors and visitors, safely protected bike lanes filled with students and commuters, and frequent public transit whisking passengers to all corners of our community. While there will be challenges with this kind of transformation, we need courageous leaders who understand that change is coming. Lets decide if that change will bring us closer together or drive us further apart. A vote for me is a vote for improved quality of life, connection with our neighbors, and better access for all incomes and abilities. Together, lets build a stronger, more caring, and equitable community, while leading the way to a more sustainable future.

Vote for Suzie on November 8th. Visit me on Facebook or at


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