Suzie Tarnay for Truckee Council

Suzie Tarnay has served for nearly four years on the Truckee Planning Commission, and was elected by her peers to be the Commission Vice Chair. Within the last four years, the Commission has moved decisively to initiate affordable housing projects, require expansion of bicycling facilities, and deny the clear cutting of native vegetation for surface parking lots. Suzie has consistently raised awareness of modern planning principles that simultaneously lead to lower greenhouse gas emissions and enhance our community character. She is a staunch advocate for walkability, bikeability, housing for our local workforce, user friendly transit, and a more transparent and accountable local government. As a Truckee Town Council member, Suzie’s researched perspective and attention to detail will bring a new dimension of collaboration to projects and policies for Truckee’s most critical challenges. Together we can address the issues of wildfire mitigation, traffic congestion, and greenhouse gas emissions in a way that makes our community greener, more affordable, and accessible for all.

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