Tanya Africa, Vice President, ActionKit    
Christa Finn, Local Business Owner and Chair of TDPUD Board    
Kim Nolan, Nurse Practitioner, Planned Parenthood    
Mike Wolf, Mountain Bike Guide
Stephanie Blume, School librarian
Eric Larusson, Local Businessman
John Henry Beyer, Retired
Paula Smith, Full Circle Movement
Amy Horne, Water Quality Policy
Lori Marquette, Retired
Catherine Schnurrenberger, Botanist
Lisa Holan, Biologist
Annaliese Miller, Graphic Designer
Susie Sutphin, Founder/Senior Advisor Tahoe Food Hub
Tee May Duggan, Retired
Carolyn Stewart, Educator
Laura Mader
Kelli Anderson, Transportation Dispatcher
Michelle Bergman, School Bus Driver
D Jones, School Bus Driver
Julia Lawrence, Retired Teacher
Judith Vrooman, Artist
Helen Pelster, Software Engineer
Becky Mazzer, Retired
Sadye Easler, Director of Programs-Clean Up The Lake
Caroline Ford, Retired Healthcare Policy Advocate
Mary Heatherington
Lisa Wallace
Silke Pflueger, Retired
Anna McGuire, Nurse
Rolf Godon, Retired
Sarah Maile
Rich Maile
Liz Tucker
Linda Ferguson, USFS
Nora Beauchamp, Co-Owner Chem Dry of Lake Tahoe
James Beauchamp, Co-Owner Chem Dry of Lake Tahoe
Sarah Reynaud, Self Employed
Heather Llewellyn, Artist and Co-Creator of the FOREST⇌FIRE exhibition
Michael Llewellyn, Artist and Co-Creator of the FOREST⇌FIRE exhibition
Phebe Bell, Social Worker
Lauren Van Loon, Banking
Janelle Hibler, Senior Marketing Specialist
Billy Griffin, Owner of New Moon Natural Foods
Mike Wyreman, Teacher and Coach

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